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Why Choose DuraSmoke?

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Become A Distributor

Looking for a revolutionary new product that offers great margins at lower prices? Check out DuraSmoke: the fastest growing trend in the United States! We guarantee this excellent product will yield great results for your business. Distributor Application here.

Become An Independent Reseller

Do you own a store or a group of stores? Just because you don't meet the requirements for becoming a Wholesaler doesn't mean you don't get special pricing. DuraSmoke supports independent resellers! We offer starter kits and free samples to help you get started. Please fill out the Dealer application here.

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A Brand New Industry

With traditional cigarette prices on the rise and a growing health-conscious consumer base, more and more people are looking to smoking alternatives to change their lifestyle. With no ash, smoke or tar, electronic cigarettes have emerged as one of the fastest growing alternatives to smoking. More than a million people have adopted this new technology as a replacement for analog cigarettes and its currently estimated that 1 in 40 smokers are now using the e-cigarette as an alternative.

Great Profitability

We understand that shelf space is directly proportionate to money in most establishments. That's why we're bringing you a product that generates exceptional profits margins through its growing consumer base. By stocking DuraSmoke products in your establishment, you're guaranteed to bring in great returns on each item sold. Plus, just like the traditional cigarette industry, brand loyalties are high with electronic cigarettes - so you're guaranteed a return customer looking to stock up on DuraSmoke products.

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To learn more about becoming a distributor or information about pricing, please call 800-668-0472 or email us at customer_service@durasmoke.com. 

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