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DuraLiquid - Blue Label (100% VG Base E Liquid)

Crafted with the careful hands of experienced vapers and flavor engineers, each and every DuraLiquid is tested again and again until we’re sure that it’s the best flavor it can possibly be. We strive to give each DuraLiquid its own unique flavor, complete with everything you’d expect from an exceptional eLiquid: great throat hit, explosive taste and a smooth finish, complete with voluminous plumes of vapor and a lingering aroma that’s pleasant to bask in.

Put down those eLiquids that you’re on the fence about and pick up flavors that you can 100% confident in! Made in America to the highest quality standards, with flavorings and nicotine that are carefully tested for purity, you can expect only the best from our brand. And, for our prices and 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you can always be sure that money spent with DuraSmoke is money well spent. Check out all of our great DuraLiquid flavors below:

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