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About DuraSmoke

  • We are the company that marches to the beat of our own drummer. We know what we like, know what we want, and aren’t afraid to do what it takes to get there.
  • We are innovative in our products, and in the way we approach our industry. We don’t market ourselves like everyone else, because we aren’t them.
  • We are a leader in quality and are proud to make our high quality liquid right here in the USA.
  • We aren’t the hoity toity ecig company. We make a real quality product for real quality people.
  • We are what our customers are: We are diverse, We are cool and We are smart.
This, is DuraSmoke. 

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Using DuraSmoke Products

New to electronic cigarettes? Don't worry, using a DuraSmoke electronic cigarette is just as easy as smoking a real cigarette. Plus, all of our products are made with the highest quality materials, meaning you'll always have an exceptional experience. Here's what you'll need to know:

Single Rechargeable eCigarette

For Single Rechargeable eCigarettes

It's all ready to go!

  1. Open your DuraSmoke electronic cigarette packaging and remove your authentic DuraSmoke single.
  2. Inhale (draw) slowly from the Dura cartomizer end (end without the LED).
  3. After a few draws, you should get the full DuraSmoke flavor and be well on your way to enjoying the best tasting eCigarette on the market!

Dura Cartomizers

Replacing the Flavoring

A single DuraSmoke electronic cigarette is equivalent to about one pack of cigarettes. Depending on how fast and how often you use your DuraSmoke eCig, it can last anywhere from a day to three days. When the flavor runs out or vapor production becomes weak, you're going to need to either replace the Dura cartomizer (where the flavoring is) or recharge your battery. 

  1. Buy a package of Dura cartomizers. Any Dura cartomizer will work with any DuraSmoke electronic cigarette battery.
  2. Unscrew old Dura cartomizer from the battery. Replace with a new Dura Cartomizer.
  3. Draw steadily on the new Dura cartomizer after twisting it firmly into place.

DuraSmoke Wall Charger

For Charging the Battery

  1. Buy a DuraSmoke Battery Charging Kit. The kit will include an extra battery that is fully charged, plus a USB charger.
  2. To charge a depleted battery, simply screw that battery into the USB charger and plug charger into any USB port.
  3. Let battery fully charge for several hours until the LED light on top of the USB charger indicates a full charge with a light.
Please note: For best results, consider charging one battery while another is in use. Rotating batteries reduces wait time and allows you to continue using your DuraSmoke electronic cigarette at all times.

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