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Premium E-Liquid

In striving to produce the best American-made eLiquids on the market today, DuraSmoke is proud to announce the launch of its Black Label eLiquids: a premium line of high quality flavors that have been refined for superior taste, exceptional composition and amazing consistency. Take a look at each of the new flavors offered in the DuraSmoke premium line and try one for yourself today:

durasmoke-punch-drunk.jpg durasmoke-renegade.jpg durasmoke-snow-bird.jpg

Punch Drunk

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BUY NOW ON AmericaneLiquidStore!

Snow Bird

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When Punch Drunk lands on your taste buds, you can be certain that it’s going to deliver one heck of a KO! We’ve combined a multitude of fresh fruit flavors, a hint of exotic punch and blended them together to create a flavor that’s bound to light up your vape like a tropical sucker punch. Prepare yourself for a menagerie of flavors, a smooth body and a lingering aroma that you’ll love to bask in.

Tired of the same old tobacco taste that’s been replicated time and time again? Renegade is like no other tobacco flavor that you’ve ever vaped before, combining all of the greatest tobacco tastes into a brand new paradigm of rich, hearty vapor. It’s rich, bold, edgy and full of flavor, not to mention it packs a throat hit that you can get behind! Tobacco vapers, this one’s for you: because there’s nothing like experiencing a new take on traditional tobacco flavors. You don’t have to fly south for the winter to enjoy the exotic taste of Snow Bird! This eLiquid combines the effervescence of banana and other fruity flavors, alongside bold tobacco tones, to create a taste that’s exciting and aromatic. Snow Bird offers the best of both worlds for vapers of all varieties: tons of tantalizing taste with clouds of aromatic vapor to back it up. If you’re in the mood for a delightful departure from the ordinary, this flavor is for you!



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