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Rechargeable Clearo Kit

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Product Description

The DuraSmoke Clearo Kit is your solution to easy refilling and seamless monitoring of your eLiquid level while you vape. Thanks to the transparent clearomizer of this kit, you can actually see your eLiquid as you fill it, gauging the amount by using the scale emedded on its side. The powerful 650mAh battery that's part of this easy to use unit will also lend itself to your vaping experience by providing you with hours of use time on just a single charge. Combined with the included charging cable, the DuraSmoke Clearo Kit is absolutely everything you need to get started vaping and get started right. Plus, with a price point like this, you can afford to take the plunge into reliable eCigarette technology, instead of wasting your hard earned dollars on something inferior or disposable.

Combine this kit with any of the great DuraLiquids offered by DuraSmoke to experience one of the easiest, most convenient eCigarette transitions you'll ever have. No more deciding on which parts to use or struggling through the steep learning curve that other products can present. Using this kit is as easy as opening it, filling it with DuraLiquid and enjoying your newfound hobby! Grab a DuraSmoke Clearo Kit today and witness the refined technology of a superior eCigarette kit in action.

Warranty Information

DuraSmoke offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products sold within a 30-day span. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of our regularly priced retail products, you can return them for a full refund within 30-days of the initial purchase. We are unable to process returns after this initial 30-day period.

Other Details

Long Wick
Color (Clearo):
Clear, Smoky, Red, Blue Green
Color (Battery):
Resistance (Ω):
2.4Ω - 2.6Ω
Capacity (Clearo):
Capacity (Battery):

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Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent product at half the cost compared to my local Vape shops

    Posted by Zachary K on 15th Oct 2013

    This unit works great after 2 months of regular use. I recharge the battery fully each time so I am still getting a full 2 days between charges. Upon the first week of use i experienced what some people complained about but overcame it with using the techniques already explained here in these comments. I just ordered the Vision Vivi Nova tank so I could play around with the different heads / ohms. The Classic tobacco and Havana Cigar flavor (or a mix of both) really give what a converted smoker is looking for!

  2. Durosmoke Newcomer

    Posted by Jeff M S on 22nd Jul 2013

    Ill tell u right now I believe DS gone be my E liquid shop. The Mocah is sweet. I got that and Regular with the two clearomizers and the kit. Yea free shipping A+. 2.4 ml Im a nicontine junky. I agree with others about the burnt taste upon unusage after maybe ten minutes or so. I have tried the puff thing mentioned that tends to help. Yet manual control nice throat hit. 2.4 on point with nic level. Yum Yum lol I havnt noticed any leaks. Just that burnt harsh taste with inactive use. By the way at a smoke shop I got a Rechargleble e cig kit. Peep it for 10 dollars. Its a DS brand. DS my next one I want that strawberry e juice.


    Posted by An Avid D.S. "Smoker" and Generally Happy Customer on 3rd May 2013

    I'm sorry to have to do this, because DuraSmoke has been nothing but good to me and I have given rave reviews on your other products, but I have say that this "CLEARO" is a huge waste of money. When you smoke it, it's VERY harsh on the throat and tastes "burn-ish"...then, about the time you get it to "calm down" some, it goes DEAD. I believe the reason there is only a 30 day warranty is because in 15-30 days, that top "tank" part just goes out. My first one went out so quickly (2 weeks) that I thought I got a bad one, so I got another. Same thing. 2 weeks later...GONE. Learned my lesson? Nope. Complained, got a free replacement, and guess what. This one lasted 3 weeks. To me, that is just TOO fast for one to burn out. Not where it tastes bad so you can still puff on it...it's DEAD. I have several friends that use a similar vaporizer (with tanks) and the tanks last them 4-6 months. I guess for $22 you get what you pay for. I'll go back to the original "stick type" D.S. ciggie that I started with. The batteries last "forever" (I still have my first one, and I bought it 6+ months ago), and you CAN refill the cartridges with the liquids. Just 4-5 drops on an empty cartridge filler will liven it up again. (Pull off the little white top with the hole in it with a paperclip, and you'll see "cotton" inside. This is where you put the drops. NOT IN THE HOLE IN THE CENTER.) They warned me that this will VOID THE WARRANTY, but for the price, it's worth the gamble, and like I said, I've been using the same one for MONTHS.. You can't beat D.S.'s original "cigarette" with anything on the market...and I think I've tried them all. (See, D.S.? I'm not being mean, just honest.) Your customer service is THE best, delivery is FAST & FREE, and your liquid flavors that I've tried are beyond compare, in flavor, and ESPECIALLY vapor production (which is very important to me), but you guys goofed on this one. Thanks to all of you, especially Bailey, who has put up with a lot from me. (I guess getting old like me tends to make one "crochetty". Living on Social Security makes me a penny-pinching old crone.) ;-) So thanks again, for EVERYTHING you have done to make this a happy customer. I'm not going anywhere else. Let me know if/when you come up with something NEW! Can't wait!!!

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