star-1.pngHey Wisconsin, Washington and Ohio Vapers! We have a few updates for you.

Your states have enacted a vapor tax recently, and it is based on milliliters of eLiquid instead of a flat percent like most states’ taxes are.  Due to limitations with our ordering system, there is no easy way to calculate these taxes, so our Master of Numbers (aka, our CFO) worked diligently to come up with a percentage that will cover that excise tax.  As a result, you may notice an odd percentage of tax placed on your order, denoted as “Sales Tax + Vapor Tax.”

If you have any questions or concerns about the tax rate that you were charged, please feel free to call a member of our customer service team at 800-668-0472, and we will do our best to help provide clarification or double check the numbers.

Unfortunately, the state mandated taxes are out of our control, so if you would like to voice an objection to it, we encourage you to contact your local government officials.  #WeVapeWeVote

star-1.pngAbout Us

  • We make innovative products in an innovative industry, we don't look like everyone else, because we don't want to be like everyone else.
  • We are THE industry leader in quality and standards. We're  proud to make our high quality E-liquid right here in Milwaukee, WI.
  • We aren’t the hoity toity ecig company. We make a real quality product for real quality people.


This, is the DuraSmoke® company

star-1.pngThe DuraSmoke® Story

We've been in business for over 10 years, and a lot has changed. Here's what we've stayed true to. 

Innovative Products for Innovative Times

We began producing E-Liquids at the dawn of the E-cig industry in the USA. In 2009, "vaping" hadn't even become a thing yet, and most of the devices available were traditional cigalikes (similar to the Vuse or Blu devices), they functioned pretty poorly, and it took a lot of work to produce a decent tasting vapor. We learned really quickly, since there wasn't a blueprint for what we were doing, we'd need to draw one up in order to be successful in the long term. That blueprint eventually became our lab in the Milwaukee County Technology Innovation Center, where we create, manufacture, and distribute all of our products to this day. 

Trust Starts With Quality and Standards

We were the first E-Liquid manufacturer in the world to hold an ISO9001:2008 accredation for our manufacturing process. We were also the first to hold a cGMP accredation. We didn't do it for the feels, we did it for a reason, the e-cig consumer was seriously lacking in quality choices from trusted manufacturers, so we set out to fix that. All these years later we've elevated that game to it's pinnacle. Our quality systems and manufacturing processes let us produce top quality products in a volume, and at a price, other manufacturers simply can't even come close to. 

People: The Dura-Difference

We talk a lot about the Dura-Difference. You can see it and taste it in a lot of ways, we're not like the other guys. That difference comes from our people, and the people we make products for. We've been staunch supporters of the E-Cig industry in many ways over the years, and that includes the people who use our products. We've spoken at senate hearings, and we've attended local vape bans. Why? Because we make products for extraordinary people. People who see the value in innovation, and approach life with a take charge attitude. That's the kind of people we are, and that's the kind of people our customers are too. 


star-1.pngNeed More Details or Have Questions?

You can use the quick links below to click through to more information about our practices and our products. If you have specific questions, don't forget you can email us at customer_service@durasmoke.com, or you can always give us a call, we have actual human beings manning the phones!

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