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duratrue-logo.png      Real Cigarette Taste ...but in liquid form

Introducing the newest liquid to our rapidly expanding line... Dura True®.



Have you been looking for the elusive eLiquid that tastes just like a cigarette? The reason you probably haven't found it is because almost all eLiquids contain flavorings based on component recreations in a lab. These flavored ingredients can taste great, but they are just that... flavors. To get the true taste of something you have to take the actual contents from it. 

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What are Dura True® eLiquids

Dura True® eLiquids are vapeable liquid extracts made from real, 100% pure American top-grade tobacco leaf. We make this unique liquid through a patent pending process in our ISO 9001:2008 compliant facility, using a natural process to extract the flavor components from real tobacco leaves.

No artificial solvents are used, and the extract liquid is double filtered to remove any leaf particulates. The extract is blended with a small amount of natural ingredients to bring out the more subtle tobacco components. The result is a cigarette flavor liquid with no propylene glycol added.


 How is it sold?

DuraTrue® eLiquids come in a heat sealed 15mL PET bottle and can also be purchased in an all in one kit.


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The Dura True® kit includes an EVOD tank, 2 - 900mAh batteries, USB charger, replacement atomizer, instruction card and a 15mL bottle of your selected flavor. All in a convenient box... about the size of a pack of cigarettes.    

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What are the nicotine levels?

This is an extracted liquid. The nicotine levels are given as mild and bold. Nicotine is extracted from tobacco in two separate ways creating a higher nicotine level in the BOLD flavors and a lower nicotine level in the MILD flavors. This would be similar to how cigarettes are sold. This is much different than typical eLiquids that have nicotine added separately as an ingredient. When it is added in an eLiquid you can calculate a precise percentage, whereas in an extraction it can be a range of levels.




Why should I buy this product?

Dura True® eLiquids are the ultimate vaping experience because they have the cigarette taste that people want, without all of the tar and smells that come with smoking an analog. This is mostly because burning tobacco produces hundreds of breakdown products in the smoke. These breakdown chemicals are commonly referred to as "tars" because they resemble road tar, and are known to be very unhealthy. 

This is an all natural product in that no artificial (or synthetic) chemicals are used in the production of this blend. Even the nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leaves in our process. 





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What are people saying?


"I have tried Duratrue in a couple of my hotel rooms for a week. I can't believe that there is a product out there that tastes identical to a cigarette, but doesn't leave any odor or staining. This is truly a revolutionary product!"

- Manager of a national hotel chain.


"I hated seeing my customers go outside to smoke cigarettes... I lose revenue and they get cold. Duratrue gave them the same taste as a cigarette and kept them in my bar."

- Bar owner - Milwaukee, WI


"This product is so good I am actually scared to keep using it. It tastes so much like a cigarette that it almost made me want to light up again. Instead I started using DuraSmoke's Classic Menthol eLiquid and now I have been smoke free for 6 months!"

- 42 Yr old female - Franklin, WI


"I have tried EVERYTHING to quit smoking... patches, hypnosis, pills, accupuncture, and none of it worked. Duratrue gave me the exact cigarette taste I needed, and now I have been smoke free for 4 months."

- 50 year old male - West Bend, WI


"My doctor told me I needed to quit smoking. At 73 years old I told him that would be impossible. I heard the Duratrue ad on the radio and thought I'd give it a shot. It's now been 3 months since I started using DuraTrue. I have gone from a pack a day down to 3 cigarettes a month!"

- 73 year old male - Kenosha, WI  



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