Dura True® - Tobacco Bold 15mL

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If you're put off by fruity flavored eLiquids and strangely named juices, and just want something that you can relate to, Dura True® eLiquids for you! All you'll find here is a true cigarette taste, whether you're a fan of traditional analogs or prefer a touch of menthol in your smokes. Extracted from natural tobacco, with no additives or flavorings mixed in, Dura True® eLiquids represent the missing link from smoking to vaping--and it's a medium we're sure you'll enjoy. 

Tobacco BoldFor fans of Marlboro Reds, Camels, American Spirits and other heartier tobacco cigarette choices, this product is for you. It's the kick in the pants you love from a hard-hitting cigarette flavor and holds nothing back in terms of taste and throat hit. 

Kicking your analog smoking habit can be hard, but it's made a whole lot easier if you've got something that you enjoy as much or more than a traditional cigarette. Give this Dura True® product a try and see for yourself why so many people are ditching the smokes in favor of this perfect smoking alternative. 


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