Private Label


Do you want to start your own line of eLiquid?

We can work with you to create your own brand!

If you are like most vape shops you have rapidly grown the number of lines you carry in your store. With all the cool new flavor mixtures, unique brand names and bottle types, who can blame you. Now it's time to figure out how to afford all these brands!  

Instead of being faced with large MOQ's or buying from sources with longer wait times, why not create your own brands for your store?

We now offer small run Private labeling services that are an ideal fit for vape shops.

You can start your new line... or lines a couple very easy steps.

Here's how it works:

Initial orders need to have a minimum of 3 sku's.

1 sku = 1 flavor in one nicotine level

Bottles can only be ordered in qty's of 10

Initial orders only come in clear, glass 15mL bottles with CRC dropper


The 3 sku's can be made up of 1 flavor in 3 nic levels, 3 flavors in 1 nic level or any combination of 3 sku's.



New flavors can be ANYTHING! We can create you a custom flavor that you want, or you can use a stock flavor we already have. We can also re-engineer ANY flavor you currently have in your store. 


Pricing for initial order = $60 per sku (10 - 15mL bottles)

Minimum first order = 3 sku's ($180 for 30 bottles)

Re-orders for a created sku/flavor (you may change nic level) = $4 per bottle (15mL)

You may re-order any created sku in 30mL as well = $8 per bottle


We will create a custom label for your brand with you, using your logo, or any ideas you have. This will allow you to create numerous "House Brands" you own.




  • Initial orders (new flavors) are purchased at $60 per sku
  • Each sku can ONLY be purchased in groups of 10 bottles
  • Your initial order for a new sku/flavor can only be in 15mL clear glass
  • Re-orders can be made at a minimum of 10 bottles
  • Re-orders can only be made in qtys of 10
  • Re-orders of existing sku's (flavors) are discounted
  • Re-order 15mL = $4 (10 min = $40)
  • Re-order 30mL = $8 (10 min = $80)
  • Re-orders can only be in 15mL or 30mL clear glass
  • Initial cost includes 3 flavor revisions mailed to you at no charge
  • Any additional mailings/revisions cost $10 each
  • Initial cost includes 3 design revisions for you label (emailed)
  • Any additional design revisions cost $15 each (emailed)
  • Any unique bottles or label needs must be purchased at higher minimums
  • Full amount due at time of order (and change order)
  • Order turnaround times are based on decision making of each dealer
  • We have the right to refuse any flavor/order
  • Nicotine levels can be: 0% - .3% - .6% - 1.2% - 1.8% - 2.4%
  • Base liquid can only be 100% VG or 50/50 PG/VG
  • All bottles have heat shrunk sleeves
  • Flavor recipes are not "owned" by anyone. Exclusive flavors are for large run Private Label/OEM customers only.  


Looking for larger qtys? We also offer larger runs in any bottle type and with any liquid.

 Bottles  Larger sizes - OEM
  • Glass or plastic
  • 10mL - 500mL
  • Custom label
  • Liter
  • Gallon
  • 55 Gallon Drums 

We currently work with over 100 private label brands world-wide.

Here are some key points on our larger run Private Labeling services:

  • Wholesale clients only
  • Minimum order qty of 2,000 bottles
  • Minimum re-orders of 1,000 bottles
  • Create your own flavors or use ours
  • Pick your base liquid and nicotine levels
  • We accept blanket orders and offer inventory options
  • In-house label design services
  • We can re-engineer any flavor!
  • We can drop ship
  • Timeline for product in hands is 4-8 weeks *based on customer
To learn more about this service please email our Director of Sales & Marketing here.


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