Tobacco Virginia Blue Label

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Deep in the heart of old tobacco country, there exists a flavor that's loved by everyone who's familiar with it. The product of an extensive, old-style curing process, true Virginia tobacco is getting harder and harder to find as the years go on. There are plenty of imitators who want to claim that their flavors are the true Virginia blend, but sadly, the essence of their tobacco just doesn't immerse people like the genuine brew. Enter Tobacco Virginia DuraSmoke® eLiquid: the back to basics southern tobacco blend that's known and loved by even the harshest tobacco snobs! If you want the old southern tobacco that your grandpappy used to smoke out of his hand carved pipe, you've come to the right place. Everything from the smell to the taste of this mellow concoction is spot on, making it a true revival of the best tobacco taste around.

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  • 5
    vape this!!

    Posted by Anthony Fryer on 24th Sep 2014

    When I think of vape this is the first craving thought excellent taste cured flavor lingering glow,satisfying exhale. All day vape make sure to get the big bottle Best in the juice is this. Durasmoke!!!

  • 5
    One of my favs!

    Posted by Trish Hataway on 1st Oct 2013

    This has to be my fav tobacco flavor of them all. When I tire of the flavored tobaccos I go back to this. A sweet smooth flavor that hits the spot

  • 5
    Canadian Whiskey in a Bottle

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2013

    As I start with most of my reviews, taste is a preference so all I can do is describe it for you. This one took me a bit to nail down. Then it hit me, It's Canadian whisky. If I had to pick a brand it would be close to Black Velvet. It doesn't have the harsh bit of a whiskey just as you would find Canadian whiskeys more smooth. It also helped really nail down the flavor. It has a very long lingering flavor. So if you like a good Canadian whiskey flavor and want to pretend your in an episode of Star Trek drinking synthahol, this one will make you happy.

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    Pleasantly Suprised

    Posted by Rob S. on 18th Jul 2013

    When I picked up the Tobacco Virginia, at 2.4%, I was not at all expecting the flavor that I vaped. The flavor was a sweet tobacco with what I would describe as a maple flavor to it. This is a great one on days when I feel like changing it up from the classic tobacco.