What does "Made in USA" really mean?

Well for DuraSmoke® eLiquids it means that 100% of our process happens from our headquarters in Milwaukee, WI. Can the same be said for other "Made in USA" eLiquids? Probably not.

More and more "manufacturers" of eLiquid are using the pitch of made in USA for their product in a misleading way.

Here are some examples, and you be the judge:

Recipes are formulated in the USA but the liquid is created and bottled overseas. USA Made?

Ingredients are sourced from USA/foreign companies and sent overseas to be bottled, tipped, capped and labeled. USA Made?

eLiquids are bottled for an American company, by a company that is located overseas. USA Made?

Ingredients are purchased overseas and mixed here in the USA. USA Made?

A company based in the USA buys from a manufacturer overseas. USA Made?

For some companies, using the term, "Made in USA" as a marketing tactic is extremely misleading, and a way to leverage an ideal of a superior product, when in fact it is not.


What separates DuraSmoke® products from pretenders like these is that 100% of our manufacturing process happens at our headquarters in Milwaukee, WI. We don't need to stretch the truth or find an angle to promote our quality American Made eLiquids. 

Here's what makes us a TRUE American Made eLiquid:

  • Our Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin are from a US manufacturer, certified USP grade, and tested for purity and quality. (yes, we have paperwork - COA)
  • We create a lot of our flavors in house, but also have an exclusive flavor company (in the US), allowing us to not only have high quality liquid, but truly unique flavor capability.  
  • We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to become ISO 9001:2015 and cGMP compliant. We are regularly third party audited to ensure our process and products remain consistent and of the highest quality.
  • Our eLiquid is manufactured, quality controlled and inventoried at our headquarters in Milwaukee, WI.
  • We bottled, tipped, capped, labeled and shipped from our headquarters as well.




Why American made eLiquid so important...

By ensuring that you have a quality product that is consistently made, you are selling your customers a product that will be purchased over and over again. One time sales don't benefit anyone. Having a product on your shelves just because the price is right, will turn your customers off to future purchases at your store. 

The eCig market is flooded with lower quality, overseas made eLiquid. It is a common theme that we saw when cig-a-likes were first introduced. People are excited at the idea, and then become extremely disappointed with the sub-par product.

That is the exact trend we are seeing now in eLiquid. C-stores across the country bought up super cheap liquid and hardware to capitalize on the booming e-cig industry. Most people quickly found that products weren't moving off the shelves, and were left wondering why.

It's all about the liquid!



The FDA regulations will impact how eLiquids are made.

With pending FDA regulations, a lot of "manufacturers" are going to be in big trouble. There are currently thousands of companies that make their liquid at home, in an office space or buy it from who knows where...

To ensure consumers get a quality product the FDA will regulate how eLiquid is manufactured. This will essentially end the era of "home brews" and put a lot of people out of business, or scrambling to find a qualified manufacturer. It will also allow for higher quality products in smoke shops and c-stores alike.

By choosing a manufacturing partner like us, you can be confident that you will still get a great quality eLiquid after regulations hit. Our current process is already in line with the framework for regulations; and has been for years.

We have already invested time, money and resources into our processes and products so we can be a long term fixture in our industry.


Are you currently getting your eLiquid from somewhere else?

We work with hundreds of private label customers that are in over 20,000+ stores across the country. We can easily re-engineer flavors and exactly replicate your bottle set up to make an easy transition to be better protected against regulation. 

We can also update your flavors and create new blends to help kick off your new and improved Made in USA eLiquid. 

Contact us here to learn more about adding a national brand to your store, or to see if our Private Labeling service is right for you.